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Double six - another go!

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  • Double six - another go!

    I've been going back to board games I used to play when I was kid, recently. Hoarding them for the time when my son Cam can thrash me on them. It'd be nice if he grew up knowing you can have just as much (if not more) fun with board games than with the computer!

    My faves?

    Take The Brain by Parker - a sort of simple chess but with great playing pieces. The pawns are called ninnies!

    Haunted House by Dennis Fisher - this seems to be very popular on the 'bay at the moment with not very good condition ones going for silly amounts. Dropping the ball down the chimney, not knowing where it'll come out was always the best bit.

    and, of course...

    Escape from Colditz - has to be with the wooden pieces! We played this down the bottom of our alley where all our gardens connected and David Sayer was always the Germans! Ha!!


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    Take the Brain ruled it was one of the best board game I ever had, Its a pity it going for such high prices on ebay.
    There were two colditz games the escape from..... was the best and the proper version the other was a cheap nasty cashing in on the programme version
    I remember haunted house but we never owned it
    Mine a Million was also a fav and a simple board game called "COPPIT" which i recently managed to find in a 1 shop renamed as CAP IT but it's the same thing


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      Take the Brain was my favourite board game as a kid. The American version was called Smess - I managed to track one down on eBay. Never could get into chess, though!