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    Re: Games Night

    Not at all, we often play, ludeo, snakes and ladders, sorry , operation and frustration in our house, the kids are only 6 and 4 , so things like monopoly and cludeo will come later.Out of all their toys these are the one's they will do anything to play, as it involves us all.
    Games night rules ok. lol
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      Re: Games Night

      Spent the last 17 years as a single dad (working btw not a single on the dole dad rofl) and my son and I still have a "games night" 6 nights a week.
      Thing is no more pen and paper or monopoly we sit in a room with a few computers a blow the **** out of each other on CoD, HalfLife and other non sensicle shoot-em-ups lol

      yay I love never growing up, shame my body doesnt agree with my mind :/
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        Re: Games Night

        fair play to you Helmet.

        I cant wait til my kids can get to grips with a PS2 or Xbox controller....
        Fun times a plenty.
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