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commodore plus/4 appreciation thread

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  • commodore plus/4 appreciation thread

    i loved this computer.

    i got one of these before i got a c16 or c64 but i absolutely loved it to pieces!

    it was only ever used as a games machine in our house, who used to use the spreadsheets, word processor etc? come on!

    my favorite games were:

    treasure island

    i think i might have to look online for an emulator to play these again. classic games! i also barely remember a motorcross one where you could build your own track and also ooooh - icicle works!!! hope they belonged to the plus/4, my memory of which games go with which commodore are a little hazy. especially when we owned just about every computer, peripheral and software to come from commodore company.

    i remember waiting forever to load the, even after waiting half hour sometimes they just never ever worked. oh the frustration we had to put up with back in those days just to play a game.

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    Does anybody remember impossible mission?


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      was that one of those text based adventures with the split screen and some graphics up top? i remember a series of them. strange odyssey, atomic mission (aka impossible mission or mission impossible) and pirate adventure!!

      the only one i ever completed was pirate adventure. the others didn't appeal to me (being a girl).

      i found a link where you can play most of these scott adams games online.

      not sure if these were out for the +4 or c16 but they were definately for c64.


      • #4 <--lots of text based games to play online!


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          Originally posted by Rigsby
          Does anybody remember impossible mission?
          Stay awhile....STAY FOREVER!


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            Re: commodore plus/4 appreciation thread


            "Stay awhile." I loved that game, always cheated though - disable sprite collision. What was the end word? Cormorant or something. The puzzle thing did my head in!

            As for the Plus4 - I owned its little brother, the Commodore 16 - my first ever computer - but a mate of mine had the P4 and I remember doing the 'monitor' command or whatever it was, that listed the memory - he was like, 'WOAH! How did you do that!?' if I'd done something amazing.

            As I said in another thread, I played Pirate Adventure also - really pleased when I completed it!


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              Re: commodore plus/4 appreciation thread

              This was the first computer we ever owned, which was great, but we had to buy a C64 eventually because of the lack of games for it.
              We did have some good games for it though:-
              Bomb Jack
              Ghosts And Goblins
              Manic Miner
              Monty On The Run
              The Way Of The Exploding Fist
              Yie Ar Kung Fu
              'Dreams come true if you want them to'