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Anyone remember this 90s PC dungeon crawler?

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  • Anyone remember this 90s PC dungeon crawler?


    I've been trying to remember the name of an old dungeon crawler I played in 1994 on a DOS PC during a programming course I did (in between bouts of good old QBasic Gorillas and Tank Wars)

    I think the screen had a 'Eye of the Beholder' type layout where you got a picture of the dungeon on the left (with whatever monster you were fighting) and some control icons on the right.

    The only really distinctive thing I remember is that one of the enemies was a barrel of radioactive waste - it struck me as so odd, it stuck in my mind.

    Anyone recall this one?

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    Sounds like Dungeonmaster.
    I had the Amiga version, but it was also available on PC in the early 90s.

    Click image for larger version

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      Afraid not - as I recall that's what the view was like, but it's not DM. Thanks for the reply though.

      I'm sure the enemy being the barrel of radioactive waste is the key - it's such a weird thing to have that it must stick in someone else's memory beside me!


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        Hey!! I am a collector of old games. Does anyone have the original cartridges on the console?