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Looking for a 1996-1998 game

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  • Looking for a 1996-1998 game

    Hi everyone i got recommended by a friend that this site would able to help me and was also really friendly .

    I've been looking for a PC RPG that had the old kind of resident evil games play style & graphics for ages but i can't remember the name of it, i remember watching my dad play it when i was 6-8 but he can't remember whats it called either . From what i do remember of the game is set in the future where most of mankind has been wiped out by some kind of virus and people live in castles ? or something, the game starts with a guy with shoulder length hair waking up and putting on reb robes, you can then walk around your base/castles and you could spar with this woman that you could also kill, at some point you have to help your friend but in the middle of the fight a "radier" throws acid/posion at your face then you skin turns yellowish and vains pop out and your face becomes messed up and one of your eyes turns red, you then wake up and if you go in to some places your own people will try to shoot/stab you.

    There was a part where you needed to go underwater but you had to have some kind of breathing helmat on, it was made of metal and it came down the the shoulders and there was two tubes that went from each shoulder in to the neck. There was also a guy in some kind of wheelchair that would sell you guns/swords.

    I know its not much to go on but if anyone has any ideas what game it might be please let me know

    P.s the intro video was of this homeless guy looking up at the stars and talking

    P.P.S brill site

    Many thanks

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    Re: Looking for a 1996-1998 game

    Dunno man, alone in the dark maybe?


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      Re: Looking for a 1996-1998 game

      Originally posted by robbieboy View Post
      Dunno man, alone in the dark maybe?
      Definately NOT alone in the dark.


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        Re: Looking for a 1996-1998 game

        I definately think you are describing Baldur's Gate -

        If NOT, I would recommend following the links under this section of Wikipedia:

        And the RPG section of the excellent resource that is mobygames:

        Both of which should help you.


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          Re: Looking for a 1996-1998 game

          Try this list:

          Dino Crisis
          Silent Hill
          Alone in the Dark
          Parasite Eve
          Devil May Cry
          Evil Dead

          If it's not any of those, than I don't know.