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Solar Warrior - Xain'D Sleena

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  • Solar Warrior - Xain'D Sleena

    I remember many after-school trips down to the local 7-11 to play this arcade game.

    Me and my buddy would scroung up quarters all week to stuff into this game and play for hours on end.

    It was a scrolling side-shooter type game where you were some guy in a space shoot, walking to the right, killing all the bad aliens.

    The cool part was that later in the game, you got to go into a spaceship and fly around shooting the bad aliens down. It seemed like the game had so many different modes (at least for a game of that time).

    I wish I could find one of these games in good condition. Not sure if it would be as fun as it was, but I would still probably buy it and play it for hours

    From my googling, it seems to be a pretty rare game that also went under the name Xain'D Sleena and Soldier of Light:

    If anybody sees one on ebay, let me know!