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Looking for story teller of "Bedtime Stories" cassette tapes

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  • Looking for story teller of "Bedtime Stories" cassette tapes

    I'm trying to figure out the name of a story teller from the early to mid 90s who was alrecorded on cassette tape. He had at least 2 different tapes all with animatedly narrated children's stories. I'm going to write the excerpts that I can remember. If anyone as any clue, please help out!

    There was a story about two brothers and the dad told terrible bedtime stories. Until one day the bedtime story he told came true. The first story was they found a red ball, they played with it all day long and then it disappeared. The next day, Jimmy while walking to school found a red ball. But it was a special red ball. The ball bounced really high so Jimmy got crowds of people around him. He wound up the ball (insert sound effects here) and it bounced so high you couldn't see it anymore and then it disappeared. And that's when they realized the fathers story came true. So the instigated the story the next night for a story about ice cream which also came true. The next night was a swamp witch story.

    There was another story called "Saturday" ("Saturdaayyyyyy what a dumb dumb day").

    Any idea??