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    I think the 24 Toasters From Scunthorpe promotion was by Argos who teamed up with one of the oil companies.

    I used to think the actor in it looked like Loyd Grossman.

    Texaco issued their star tokens for a few years, I can remember my secondary school asking parents to collect these up.
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      I don't think it was Loyd Grossman - the man definitely had a British (singing) voice (I don't think it was dubbed on). and he was probably someone who used to play deadpan businessman-type characters in sitcoms.
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        I had the texaco coins and I also remember getting busts of kings and queens and footballers from my uncle from Cleveland petrol
        i also remember getting a texaco kite in the 70s


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          Tiger promotions from Esso.

          I remember getting my food plate from my dad from there. It lasted 30 years, before breaking in 2.
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            The 24 Toasters from Scunthorpe ad:


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              I was young and daft , just 17 in the 80s and shell were running a promo near Xmas time, Fill up and get a scratch card with lots of prizes of varying value available.
              wasnt planned but after filling up, myself and my mate went in the garage ,
              after I paid , got my scratch card, my mate asked for ciggies and when the guy behind the till turned around to get them , my mate swiped all the scratch cards from behind the counter.
              He got a stack of maybe around 70 and went home and started scratching.


              1 box of mince pies

              tasted good though