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    Re: Green Shield Stamps

    Certainly helped for Christmas, which is why mum saved them.

    It's surprising how many uncashed books used to turn up when buying large lots and collections of old stamps.


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      Re: Green Shield Stamps

      Originally posted by spuggybridge View Post
      I can still remember the taste of both Green Shield & Co-op stamps, bring them back...
      Many stamps back then had a characteristic taste. Some of those pasted kiddies stickers also had the same taste.


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        Someone did get a car with green shield stamps, it was my dad in 1971
        My nanna had a second hand shop and used to buy green shield and embassy coupons.
        she bought green shield books at 40 p a book and sold them for 50 pence a book
        my dad told her not to sell any and he would buy them all off her at cost
        after a few weeks he had the required 1200 (I think) books
        he had to go into Tescos for new empty books as some people had wrote their names in them before selling them to my nanna and he had to reback them and write his name in them.
        we took them to the green shield shop in Blackpool in 2 big boxes put them on the counter and my dad said we want the car!
        Green shield didn't want to give him the car as they said he hadn't collected all the books himself with the new backs on them.
        My dad said there was nothing in the catalogue to say that you had to have.
        After a lot of letters back and forward and my dad saying he was going to call the news of the world saying they put things in their catalogue that they had no intention of honouring the next letter he got was saying did he want a bronze one or a red one.
        That is how we ended up with a 1300 X l ( WMJ 584K) costing 480 roughly half price.
        We kept it about 6 months and traded it in for a cortina getting about 700 on a trade in