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  • Having a clear out!

    Anybody collecting original vhs tapes and American comics?

    Have about 200 vhs tapes, various genres, mostly this sort of stuff.

    Original Star trek,probably complete series, Man in a suitcase. Steptoe and Son. Department S. Dr.Who. Monkees Skippy. Beatles. Blake's 7,probably complete series. . Avengers,Steed. X files. Doris Day. Beatles. Porridge. Going straight (sequel to porrige). Thunderbirds. Survivors. The Prisoner. Star wars, Avengers(Steed). New Avengers. Westerns,war films,horror, comedy, black and white films,all sorts of stuff.

    American comics, mixed,from 70s,80s. Loads of then.

    Job lot,having a clear out.

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    Shove em on flea bay.
    some of the original “video nasty “ vhs tapes go for silly money


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      I like '70s-'80s American comic books. A bit weird I know, didn't buy any for a couple of decades and then fell into getting a bunch again and have been reading for a few years now. Just got a small stack of Star Trek comics from the late '90s and having a lot of fun reading them about one or two a night. They've been great to have around during the lockdowns but I'll probably have to rid myself of at least some of them in the near future. I got into reading them as a kid in the '70s who was chronically ill in bed for stretches, mostly funny and animals ones but then somehow tried a few sci-fi comics and then even gave superheroes a try and found some of those i got a bit hooked on like a soap!

      As for video tapes, I think i expected they were mostly worthless once DVDs and now Blu-Rays have come along. I do still have a few, have one on the women of Coronation Street and another of that strange Czech or Jan Svankmeir Alice In Wonderland, they used to cost a small fortune in the late '80s and early '90s. I still have a working player, at least it worked the last time I bothered to drag it out and connect it. We have old family home movies transferred to vhs tapes, and a small box full of things recorded off the air, like a repeat of that Hollywood documentary series.
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        Admittedly I still use VHS tapes (never got used to recordable DVDs because of the incompatibility of the machines), and I would probably tape over them with my own stuff, but I think that 200 of them would even be too much for me to be in receipt of these days.
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          I used to collect '70s-'80s American comic books, but now I can't find them