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Real shipwreck treasure

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  • Real shipwreck treasure

    This is something that grandparents tended to obtain for their grandchildren.

    On the back of the packaging of some product that tended to be bought by older people - like firelighters - would be an advertisement that read:

    Real shipwreck treasure!

    "We invite you to share in the spoils of <insert the name of an obscure cargo ship that nobody has ever heard of>. Please send 10 tokens and a SAE to <insert an address with a PO Box number>. Offer closes in 4 months time. Please allow 28 days for delivery".

    The grandparent would then buy more of the product than they will ever use in order to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. About 27 days after posting off the tokens (a week before the closing date) an envelope arrives on their doormat containing two small and unassuming copper coins. They then question whether it was really worth it, but it's for the grandkids.

    More often than not, the grandkids manage to lose both coins less than a year later!