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  • OutRun

    I reckon OutRun is possibly the bestest arcade game EVER.

    For those of you who very rarely visit game arcades, OutRun was the arcade machine in the late 80s that was shaped like a Ferrari Testerosa, and when you drove it the entire machine leaned left and right.

    The entire point to it was to race against time along whichever route you prefered. At the end of each section, if you had enough time left, you could choose to go left or right, thus chosing your own route.

    I'm a HUGE fan of 80s arcade machines, and always said that when I get older I'm going to buy an OutRun machine, a Dragons Lair machine and an original Space Invader machine. I've just had a nosey at arcade machine prices, and I reckon I can get all 3 for about 4,000, which is actually quite tempting. []

    If anyone fancies a race on OutRun 2 on Xbox live, let me know. I'm ace at that too. Not that I'm bragging or anything....... (currently 19th in the WORLD on "Special Stage 1"...)

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    hi, i'm more into 90's coin-op's but even you must admit power-drift canes outrun. it's rare but there's an emulator for it. i never did play it at the time, but its an insane little game. i recommend you check it out.


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      yea ive got in on the mega drive emulator ace game but hard with the keys


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        I used to love ROADBLASTERS driving and shooting cars, bikes was way kool, and Pac Man.


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          Re: OutRun

          I used to play outrun on the Speccy, it was great.
          I've also now got it on the Ps2 although it's quite tricky to control the car I found.
          I was more of a arcade Pacman guy myself.


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            Re: OutRun

            WOW I'm 15 back in the arcades slinging money in the OUTRUN game, Using the steering wheel to choose my radio station and then off on a road trip with my girl beside me!! What a blast form the past.

            ROADBLASTER was a fantastic game.

            What was the name of the game where you drove a car along a road and shot at things then a "mothership" would drop new wepons on your roof. The best weapon was the nuke that wiped everything our ahead of you?

            Anyone remember G-loc or space harrier?


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              Re: OutRun

              I can't watch driving games but when we were kids it was the upright stand and play outrun. I remember the girlfreind nagging him!
              One mans trash is another mans treasure !


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                Re: OutRun

                I remember how disappointed I was after getting OutRun for my Spectrum, Christmas 1988. The preview screenshot in Crash looked so good. I wasn't prepared for the sluggish mess of a coin-op conversion my 128K machine was forced to show me.

                About the only thing I liked about it was the recorded arcade music cassette that came with it.

                A true legend of the arcades, though.