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  • Gunfight Board Game

    A had this game from my next door neighbour for Christmas mid 70s. It was a square thick gameboard witha cardboard cowboy town on the left and right. You had a cowboy plastic figure and so did your opponent. You threw a dice i think and you had to move the cowboy further towards the middle towards the opponent. The board had a disk inside it that you turned slowly and the cowboy used to drop beneath the board as there were holes in the disk. It was quite good what i remember of it. Did anyone else have one or know its name??

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    you have just bought back a long buried memory for me. I think it was called gunfight. My brother had it in the mid 70's. Great fun!


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      gun fight

      Gunfight great game you could choose a $50, $75 or $100 gun man my brother had this game in the 70s and were just talking about it today . weve scanned e-bay trying to buy one to no avail.


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        The game was called "Fastest Gun". It comes up on e-bay occasionally. Good luck in finding it.