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  • scary adverts

    Was i the only person to find them old adverts like the one where the kid trying to get his frisbee off the electricity pylon scary??
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    yes it certainly made you think about attempting such things
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      i remember well... i get up close to them and can hear the "hummmm" of the electricty kind of drawing you in like when you go to the edge of a cliff it draws you closer... if you get what i mean
      Definition of a Transvestite: A guy who likes to eat, drink and be Mary! .


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        Yeah they were REALLY eerie. I also hated the one with the boy and girl walking together (on a date maybe) and a group of kids was playing with fireworks and throws one at the couple which blinds the girl. |There was also one which showed a little girl in A&E and her Mum was narrating the ad saying "Yes she dropped the sparkler and picked it up at the hot end"

        This would have been late seventies to early eighties and there were lots more in a similar vein, gives me goosebumps just thinking about them


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          Yes those ads were scary! Does anyone remember the one with the little blonde girl playing in the garden then falling and drowning in the fish pond?

          The above link has a lot of the old public awarness adverts on it.



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            Cant remember if they were adverts or just TV announcemnts things but I remember the four minute warning stuff in the early 80's. It scared the life out of me and I planned to hide in the shed...fat lot of good that would do. I wanted my mum to stock up on tins and batteries so we would be OK.....we could have lived on beans and had a torch that worked.. lol
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              Yeah, the Cold War was a tense time - hopefully our kids will only know how things were through films & history books.

              We had a farm safety ad where a child's legs are sticking out of a rainwater barrell. Graphic but effective.
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