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    Classic ads

    YouTube - Red Rock Cider - Screwdriver - UK Advert

    YouTube - Red Rock Cider - On The Case - UK Advert

    YouTube - Red Rock Cider - Fried Squid (Police Squad)
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    Re: Red Rock Cider

    fantastic...don't remember the 3rd one ("you, over there, in the shadows"

    ps I love Police Squad....remember the giant cop where you never got to see his top half?..... "you've got something around your, the other side" which point half a banana falls on the table

    The endings are great, where the action freezes.....I remember one episode where the criminal has been brought in, handcuffed...episode ends, crim looks around baffled, why's everyone frozen? Undoes handcuffs & tries to escape but one cop is 'frozen' in doorway so cant get past him


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      Re: Red Rock Cider

      Brill, cheers for finding those Daz.


      "Yes I know" lmao

      All six Police Squad episodes are available on DVD. Classic comedy.
      sigpic I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!


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        Re: Red Rock Cider

        Just been watching a few over on Youtube

        Excellent page

        Police Squad! In Color!


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          Re: Red Rock Cider

          Special guest star - Lorne Greene

          Mr Greene's character dies just as his credit comes up at the start - having only just been thrown out of a moving car.


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            Re: Red Rock Cider

            Nobody ever seemed to pick up on how well the tagline worked with most makes of cider back then

            it's not black and there's no thorns in it.

            it's not strong and there's no bows in it

            and of course, it's not wood and there's no peckers in it