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Black and white swimming pool ad 90s

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  • Black and white swimming pool ad 90s

    I remember in the 90s there was an advert with a model-looking boy and girl, one of whom dives into a swimming pool. The whole advert was in black and white.

    I don't know what the advert was for, I always thought it was for milk for some reason, but it may not be.

    Does anyone know/remember this?

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    Re: Black and white swimming pool ad 90s

    Hello, I also remembered the black and swimming pool ad on the 90s. I find it interesting because I think its about love story. I think it is also some kind of a soda, that they are promoting.


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      I remember this advert and have spent years looking for it. I recall the model guy opens a fridge and drinks from a pint milk, wipes his mouth and then walks along a pool, stripping off as he goes. Then some model girl who Is checking him out gets up and dances. He walks along a diving board and dives into the water.

      It could be CK maybe as he strips to his undies.

      It has always annoyed me.


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        FOUND IT!!!!