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We hope its chips,it's chips!

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  • We hope its chips,it's chips!

    Does anyone remember that advert?? It was a bunch of builders singing about what they want for dinner...Will it be mushrooms, fried onion rings? We'll have to wait and see! We hope it's chips, it's chips!

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    Not the one that opened with " What will it be for Tea tonight ?", then they sang " Had your chips, your chips " and possibly included a football team with yellow shirts ? If so, I kinda do.
    Welcome to DYR anyway Ruby.
    Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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      I can Ruby, a Jamaican guy wanted fried onion rings. They were sitting in the back of an old Ford Transit van and being taken home.

      Same start Aidan and the same product and tune. I think the football one was the next one, but yes you're in the right area.

      And yes welcome Ruby hope you enjoy it here


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        I think the ad was for Birdseye Steak House Grills,Try this link for the words...
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          Just looked at the words, got it one Koukou

          There you go Ruby some of us still remember it.........hmmm making me hungry


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            Thanks for the welcome
            I managed to find the's on
            Brings back some memories LOL


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              remember the advert well, and the link bought back some memories thanks Ruby
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