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  • Carry On, Carry On's

    Links from and to Carry On films, classic British comedy, my personal fave is Carry On Screaming with Oddbod and the line 'Frying tonight!'

    So heres the starter:

    Sid James

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    Terry Scott a legend of comedy lest we forget Terry and June, and Terry in a loin cloth in Carry On Up the jungle.
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      Teacher, Carry On


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        Richard O'Sullivan - He of Man about the House and Dick Turpin


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          Dick Turpin


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            Carry On Dick


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              Keith Allen - Carry On Columbus


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                Robin Hood there should have been a Carry On Robin


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                  Carry On Robin
                  • Kenneth Williams - Robin, a goodie for a change.
                  • Bernard Bresslaw - Little John.
                  • Barbara Windsor - Maid Marion.
                  • Charles Hawtrey - The Sheriff of Nottingahm, just imagine the swordfight between him and Kenneth.........ooooooo er.
                  • Kenneth Connor - Friar Tuck
                  • Jack Douglas - Alan a Dale.
                  • Sid James - Prince John.

                  Any other suggestions for Carry On films that should have been made? Or cast additions......?


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                    Re: Carry On, Carry On's

                    some interesting cary on facts u may or may not know.

                    some facts i found out about the carry on films.

                    Harry h corbett was in carry on screaming the only one he was in.
                    he was a replacement for sid james who was not available.

                    Carry on cowboy was the only carry on film to overrun its shooting time.
                    it did so by 1 day.

                    bob monkhoue was in one carry on film ,carry on sergeant.
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                      Re: Carry On, Carry On's

                      in a top ten carry on films of which a programme was shown last night carry on abroad was number 2 and carry on up the khyber was number one.

                      charles hawtrey was in 23 carry on films.

                      he was also a very heavy drinker and sometimes he would be drunk while filming.
                      carry on abroad was his last carry on film.
                      FOR THE HONOUR OF GRAYSKULL


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                        Re: Carry On, Carry On's

                        Apparently a Carry On Spaceman was mooted. That could have been fun with all the equipment making comedy noises.


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                          Re: Carry On, Carry On's

                          There was an idea of making one in the mid 1980s spoofing Dallas & the other "Super Soaps".
                          The Trickster On The Roof


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                            Re: Carry On, Carry On's

                            It was hard not to miss the 'Carry On's this festive season. I don't think I'd ever watched one right through but saw Carry On Girls the other night. It lead me to some Wiki nosyness and I was amazed that so many had been made. I would have guessed there were probably about 8, not 30!
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                              Re: Carry On, Carry On's

                              i Love Carry on camping and Aboard then all of the doctor ones behind loving and Emmannuelle

                              Best Years Of My Childhood Was Growing Up In The Late 90's and the early 2000's . before the world went Mad