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    I'm trying to remember the name of a TV movie from the 80's. Not much to go on, other than the main character being an action hero (similar to Indiana Jones) who was after some sort of treasure. The bad guys or spirits protecting the treasure would unleash these luminous green snakes (using poor 80's graphics) that used to fly about air and bite people ?? Any ideas ??

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    Doc Savage the man of bronze, starring Ron Ely, he of Tarzan, the Tv series fame, directed by George Pal, of original War of the worlds, and the Time Machine fame. Doc Savage was fun, and there was supposed to be a sequel too, there are loads of books, and Arnie was supposed to be doing an updated version, but no sign of that. The first clip I saw of Doc Savage was on TISWAS and was with the green snakes.


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      Many thanks for the info. Had a search around on Google and even found a short clip on YouTube. That's definitely the film !! Thanks Again !!


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        You're most welocme, its often on tv too, enjoy, like the Batman series of the sixties, but I enjoy it, shame no sequel though, or the Arnie take on the man of bronze.


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          Doc Savage Man of Bronze

          Glad to be of help mate heres some pictures too.......
          Doc himself
          green snakes too.....


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            Hi Og!!!

            Ive never even heard of that!!!! sounds pretty cool though!! Well done on getting it so quickly mate...

            Rab ;0)


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              Cheers dude, its a corny movie very similar to the batman tv series, all the breast.....