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Jubilee (1978 Punk Film)

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  • Jubilee (1978 Punk Film)

    Does anybody remember this film being shown on TV?

    It was made in 1978. Queen Elizabeth 1st had travelled forward in time to the (then) present. Queen Elizabeth 2nd had been killed, and the breakdown of society was well advanced. Anarchy was just about everywhere. It was quite a violent film, with some very disturbing scenes.

    There was uproar after it was shown, with questions being raised in parliament. Even members of the punk scene denounced the film. The film now has cult status.
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    Re: Jubilee (1978 Punk Film)

    I remember it Marc Another film that comes to mind is "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle starring the Sex Pistols. At the beginning of the film you see Malcom McLaren in the bath with a young teen girl stood beside him. She was topless. The director Julian Temple commented on the running commentary on the film that the girl's parents complained, not about her being topless, but the fact her hair was cut
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      Re: Jubilee (1978 Punk Film)

      This was taken from the soundtrack

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