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Can anyone identify this strange fantasy film (probably late 80s, early 90s)?

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  • Can anyone identify this strange fantasy film (probably late 80s, early 90s)?

    There's not a lot to go on, but I'm sort of haunted by this film I saw years and years ago. I think it came out in the late eighties, early nineties - though don't hold me to that, as I saw it on TV and can't be sure. The premise involved this strange, fantastical island where anything missing - including people - end up. Until recently, I was convinced it starred Jason Connery, but I've checked and rechecked his filmography, and nothing like this movie is there. One scene in particular sticks with me: the proagonist looks up to observe two meteors colliding in the sky.

    And that's pretty much all there is to go on, I'm afraid. Any help would be greatly appreciated, though I'm pretty sure this was a very obscure movie - still, you never know.

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    Sounds like the pilot film,or episodes from the follow TV series, The Fantastic Journey ". 1977. Like an early "Sliders" tv series.
    Roddy McDowell one of the main characters.


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      I’m sure I seen something like this on an episode of the 80s rehash of the twilight zone series


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        Was this movie American or Britush? You say you thought Sir Seanxs son was in it, that would suggest British. Can you remember production values: typical 'epic' Hollywood or TV movie feel?


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          The Lost Islands?