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"Sixteen Candles" 1984

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  • "Sixteen Candles" 1984

    "Sixteen Candles" is my favorite high school movie of all time!
    It is the film that most accrurately depicts high school life from my point of view in the 1980's.

    There is a major plot hole in the story that has yet to be explained! And there has been no talk about this on dvd/blue ray documentaires or featurettes.

    How did Farmer Ted end up underneath the glass table?

    We know that Ted showed up at the party with two other friends. And the jocks gave them a ride home in the trunk of their car. So why wasn't Ted with them? Now, we know that Ted was seperated from them at some point. So he must have been mingleing at the party. Mabey Ted crawled underneath the table to hide from the jocks.

    Now, there is only one way to clear up this pothole.
    A novelization of the film. But guess what? There is and has never been a novelization of the film, or even a comic book, or graphic novel. I will quote Farmer Ted,

    "If you want to know the story, READ THE BOOK"!!!

    Yes, this book needs to be written! And there are a number of other things this book could delve into that was not in the film.

    1)Was Ted's last name really Farmer?
    2)What happened during the joyride with Ted an Caroline that we did not get to see? It looks like the real fun was just beginning! There is no telling how many other stops they made before we cut to them in the parking lot the next morning.
    3)Deleted scenes: What about Gede Watanabe's insistance that there was a deleted scene when Long Duck Dong stood in for the DJ at the dance? And what about those breakdancers? Those guys in the red outfits in the school hallway at the beginning of the film? They should have been on the dance floor. This was probably a simple oversight by John Hughes because breakdancing was popular with all teenagers in 1984, not just the dancers themselves. And there is a very rare deleted scene that no one talks about. It was a small clip from the full trailer when Ted and his friends were in a room talking "strategy" about how to meet girls at the party. This took place right before the incident with the falling beer cans.
    4) The book could even go 'off comedy' and delve into the minds, emotions, and feelings of the characters as well, especially Samantha.
    5) The book could also delve into future concepts of the characters: How did it go with Jake and Samantha? Did they get married, or did they break up? Or did Ted show up at school the next year a totally normal person, or a geek?

    So, if there is not a novelization of one of your favorite films, what role can the fans take to get this done?
    Is it some sort of signed petition that is sent to a publishing company?

    The writer must be as knowledgeable as John Hughes is about 80's high school life, popular culture of the time, and a writer that has that nostalgic touch!!!

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    Re: "Sixteen Candles" 1984

    Oh, I almost forgot. There is a comic book connection to "Sixteen Candles". If you Google an image of the original UK quad poster you will see a montage of comic book pages on the poster depicting scènes from the film. So if a comic book séries actually exists, it id probably a UK product, but I have never seen it.


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      Re: "Sixteen Candles" 1984

      Sounds like that Two Ronnies sketch shown four times over.

      (I'll get me coat...)
      I've everything I need to keep me satisfied
      There's nothing you can do to make me change my mind
      I'm having so much fun
      My lucky number's one
      Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!