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Russian scifi movie that was hilarious

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  • Russian scifi movie that was hilarious

    Hi guys, it's my first few minutes on here, I'm trying to find the name of this movie which was so funny. Picture it, I was 12ish(so that would be early 80's)nothing on tv on a saturday night and we just tuned into this film! It was a time travel thing, started with a futuristic view of life and and this guy spilling coffee on himself (i'm serious!)and this started a whole series of time travelling....I know i being was a long time ago. But i'm sure the title had something to do with "spilling coffee". It's a long shot but any ideas????

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    hmm. its abit vague, but the only russian Sci fi film i know released at around late 70's to 80's was the original "Solaris". i doubt if thats what you are looking for.
    I'll have a look on google.
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