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    Remember Nothing to lose? This film was a fab film of the 90's starring Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence 2 of my fave actors. But i have aquestion for the brainbox on here....yes its for you remember (forum admin) what is the song that plays near the end its a lady singing and its where tim robbins is dropping martin lawrnece off, it has the lyrics cos i've got nothing to lose.... someone said is was queen latifah but i cant find it, i do not want to buy the soundtrack as i only like 2 songs!!! please help!!!!
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    Well according to the song you're talking about is probably:

    "Nothin' To Lose (Naughty Live)"
    Written by A. Criss, K. Gist, V. Brown and Dale Warren
    Performed by Naughty By Nature
    Courtesy of Tommy Boy Records
    Contains a sample of "Synopsis Two: Mother's Day"
    Performed by 24 Karat Black
    Courtesy of Fantasy, Inc.

    You can buy the soundtrack at Amazon:
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      That song is great, just like the movie. I really got motivated to rent it again and watch it this weekend with my wife.

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        the song is called crazy maze by des'ree i finally found it today!
        No man is worth your tears - and the one who is wont make you cry!