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Favorite non-U.S. live-action children's drama series

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  • Favorite non-U.S. live-action children's drama series

    Another inventory of shows I remember fondly, some of which I have available to watch now, some I'd love to be able to see again. Wonder what I may've forgotten here?

    Perhaps others might contribute their own lists?

    Follyfoot *
    Catweazle *
    Timeslip *
    The Owl Service *
    The Tomorrow People *
    The Phoenix And The Carpet *
    Carrie's War *
    S.W.A.L.K. ^
    Worzel Gummidge ^
    The Girl From Tomorrow
    Jupiter Moon *
    Escape Into Night *
    Skippy The Bush Kangaroo ^
    Nobody's House *
    Shadows *
    Break In The Sun ^
    The Moondial *
    Chalky ^
    The Changes *
    Dramarama **/Dramarama: Spooky *
    The Moon Stallion *
    Codename Icarus *
    The Double-Deckers
    Sky *
    Ace Of Wands **
    Century Falls *
    Tom Gratton's War *

    * - on DVD (complete)
    ** - on DVD (incomplete)
    ^ - via download/Youtube
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    I remembered another two shows for this list... the Tripods, and also the Narnia shows from the late '80s. I have no Tripods to watch now though I liked it then (and had read the books), but I do have those Narnia DVDs that were free with some newspaper.
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      Couple of my favourites..Grahams Gang and A bunch of Fives


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        Kids From 47A.
        White Horses.
        Swiss Family Robinson.