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Help identifying two late 1980’s - Kids TV Shows

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  • Help identifying two late 1980’s - Kids TV Shows

    It’s possible that neither show was UK-produced but both shows were certainly broadcast in the UK in the late 1980’s.

    1. A series which featured a bearded narrator, sitting by the fireside and who introduced a story in each episode.

    2. An episode which I believed to be from the Australian- Around The Twist series (but seemingly not) whereby a family win the lotto by means of inviting some sort of wish-maker/genie into their home only to subsequently offend it. In anger it eats the winning ticket at the celebration party, leaving the ungrateful family penniless.

    Any suggestions?
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    1. Could be Puddle Lane.
    The Trickster On The Roof


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      Jackanory seemed to be an obvious guess, but apart from that, the bearded narrator could be Postman Pat author John Cunliffe when he presented Rosie and Jim?
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        'The StoryTeller' may be #1 - was about that time but sans beard.


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          Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! Having watched a clip on YouTube, I do believe that the first series actually was Storyteller. The fireside and the dog confirm the memory. I can only assume the ‘bearded narrator’ to be a false memory or perhaps a hybrid-memory from the TV show Knightmare. But Storyteller is certainly the series which I had in mind.

          The other series is really baffling. I have tried to remember a few more details though not much more to offer other than what has already been posted above :

          A family experiences a spell of good luck having given refuge to a man with some sort of magical powers only to subsequently offend him and lose the fortune. In anger the man/genie/magician eats the family's winning lottery ticket, vanishing and leaving them penniless once again.
          I believe the genie/creature became angry with the family as it needed to be fed regularly ; hence it ate the lottery ticket in a rage once the family began neglecting it. This happened whilst the family were celebrating having just won a fortune with the ticket.
          Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as Gods. Cats have never forgotten this.