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Kids TV show cartoon 60s-80s, little people living in the Forrest

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  • Kids TV show cartoon 60s-80s, little people living in the Forrest

    I had this VHS tape as a small kid, and i remember nothing about the plot. All i really remember is it was a british show, the intro was a man speaking telling us where this group of people secretly lived. (The people were small and possibly puppet like). In the voice over a little black gate would open (i think) and lead us down the lane to where these people lived. The may have lived in a tree. At the end of the show we would come back out and the gate would close. I do distinctly remember one episode one of the characters gets their hand stuck in a vase or a jug or something. I cant remember what the characters are like or anything but i feel like there was a voice over the whole way through and they were little people. I feel like the quality was similar to the likes of the wombles which might help with the era. The important part is the intro, going through the little gate to find theres characters - with the voice over. Ive been trying to find what this is for years, and its recking my head!
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    Well, you say that...
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      Is it Pogles Wood?


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