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90's tv drama's "MEAT" & "SAFE"

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  • 90's tv drama's "MEAT" & "SAFE"

    Doea anyone remember either of these two gritty, hard-hitting one-off dramas shown in the early 90's?
    The first was called "Safe" and was about a group of homeless people living rough in London. It starred Aiden Gillen as "Gypo" & Kate Hardie as "Kaz". The scene where Gypo put a knife to his throat and slashed his jugular vein was horrifc.

    The second was called "Meat" and followed the lives of a teenage prostitute and her boyfriend (Johnny Lee Miller) and their demise into the seedy world of live undergound sex shows in London's Soho. It was so sad seeing how they were both abused and manipulated.
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    Re: 90's tv drama's "MEAT" & "SAFE"

    Just thought I would register to reply to this. I just googled "Meat TV drama" and this forum is the first hit.

    Yes, I remember Meat. I remember that the boy was a drug addict, but his hero was a historical figure who would not back down or go back on his word. He kept a picture of him in his caravan. Was it Thomas Becket? The boy would simply not give in and the girl thought it was silly to be so stubborn. I remember it being very sad.

    I also remember one - can't remember what the title was - which has a couple who agreed to smuggle drugs, but the woman changes her mind and eventually they decide to escape. I remember the baddie was Keith Allen, and he eventually dies at the end when he sinks with a boat.

    I've heard that the repeat fees for dramas are really expensive so they rarely get repeated. It seems such a shame to put so much work into something that only gets shown once.


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      Re: 90's tv drama's "MEAT" & "SAFE"

      I watched Meat a few months ago but it was one of those that were nowhere near as good as you remember them to be, Safe is still exellent though saw that again about a year ago very very depressing but still quite a few funny bits in it, Carol Leader from Playschool is in it too.