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    Hi my name is Jeanette from Wales You have some beautiful scenery in Canada Rocky Mountains Banff when I look on YouTube I think oh I'd love to visit one day but with covid it holds you back well bye for now

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    I'm Rebecca and I've not been to Banff, but twice been to nearby Jasper in the Spring. It's probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen firsthand, I loved the book Heidi when I was young and I imagine the Alps like that. I have a little bit of hope to someday see Yorkshire and maybe the Midlands, My grandfather was born in Leeds. My boyfriend has been over but he mostly just saw London and Liverpool. I sure would like covid to recede! I don't know too much about Wales outside HTV programs and some of the older musicians and singers... I have albums by Mary Hopkins and Meic Stevens, plus Badfinger. Also I found an old LP album of a family trio named Y Dilfor with some Welsh songs. :^)
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