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    Re: Shops made of 3D card?

    Thank you. I somehow don't think they were from a cereal packet, but it's not out of the question. We did get Kelloggs. It's also possible they came in some kind of book. I don't remember gluing them...
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    Shops made of 3D card?

    Did anyone else have or does anyone remember little shops made of card that were 3D in the 80's? I vaugely remember having around 5 or so. There was a flower shop, maybe a bakery and butchers, not...
  3. Any past/present DC fans who can help??

    When I was a kid I used to sometimes get the Superman comic (late 80's/early 90's). There was a 2nd story at the back, it might have been Green Lantern but I can't be sure. I always remember an issue...
  4. Re: 1980's/90's sparkling peach wine or juice??

    Thanks but it definatley wasn't water
  5. Re: 1980's/90's sparkling peach wine or juice??

    Thanks but no, I'm not sure that even existed back then?? It was definatley a peach colour with a basket of peaches on the label
  6. 1980's/90's sparkling peach wine or juice??


    When I was a kid in the late 80's/early 90's, my parents used to buy a glass bottle of fizzy peach drink from Tesco. I thought it was wine but maybe it wasn't alcoholic. It had a picture of...
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    Re: He-man poster?

    Thanks. I never got those magazines so I don't know, but mine def came from a shop!
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    Re: He-man poster?

    Thanks for that. Had a look but can't see that one : )
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    He-man poster?

    When I was about 7, so around 1988, I had a He-man poster on my door, but I've never been able to find a picture of it online. Wondered if anyone else had it or knows where to find a pic? It was...
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    Re: 80's kids tv show UPDATE, NEW INFO!

    Yes that was the first original thing Pob was in. Following the string. I remember that. Whoever invented Pob definatley led a wild 90's lifestyle!
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    80's kids tv show UPDATE, NEW INFO!

    Following on from my previous post I have found out some new information. It was infact called Just for fun, to do with Pob, who introduced other shows. The 'dolly' was called Rebecca, although I...
  12. Re: Name of 80's kids tv prog on at lunchtimes?

    Thanks, no it wasn't Rosie and Jim. It wasn't an introduction, it was a propper programme that lasted at least 10 mins if not more. I'm not sure if there were a few different little features within...
  13. Re: Name of 80's kids tv prog on at lunchtimes?

    Thanks but there were no puppets or a cat and dog
  14. Re: Name of 80's kids tv prog on at lunchtimes?

    Thanks, I don't think it was anything to do with that, having looked it up.
  15. Re: Name of 80's kids tv prog on at lunchtimes?

    Sorry forgot to say I think it was channel 4
  16. Name of 80's kids tv prog on at lunchtimes?

    Hi Can anyone remember a kids tv show in the later 80's that was on at lunchtimes on weekdays. I think it was a show made up of either little bits or a different thing every day. 1 was about a...
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    Re: Christmas When You Were Growing Up

    Just thought I'd post a pic of some of my parents old Xmas decs that we were going through. Think they range from 50's-70's!
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    1970's pop up Xmas LP covers!

    Wondering if anyone else had/has this or similar? I found out they also did other designs. My grandad bought it in 1973 and my mum used to get it out at Xmas, esp if I was ill, and let me play with...
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    Hard back pull out books 1980's

    I'm currently sorting through childhood books to sell and wondered if anyone remembers these as I've never seen them anywhere else and I used to really like them as a kid. I don't know if they did...
  20. 80's children's book about a haunted calculator?

    Hi Can anyone help me? My partner remembers a children's book from the 1980's that featured an imp or ghost, or something similar, that lived in a calculator. Does anyone have any idea?? Thanks!
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    Found my old View master and Keyper

    Thought I'd post a pic of these old toys I found in a box at my parents house. Viewmaster and Keyper, complete with secret notes!
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    The Jungle book film, am I going mad?!

    Can anyone help me here...Apparently The Jungle Book (original animated film) has never been shown on UK TV. Why then, do I definitely remember watching it on TV as a kid in the late 80's?! I am...
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    Re: Neverending story 1984

    We used to watch this film at school on the last day of term
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    Build a better burger!

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Who remembers this from the 80's? I loved it, has to be one of the best ever!
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    Re: Iconic kids bikes from the 1990s

    I had a Blue Bird bike in the 80's, with a plastic box on the back to keep stuff in. Then I got a much girlier Heather bike with a basket on the front! Only because my friend had one.
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