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  1. Re: Business Computer Game Programme BBC2 Sunday Night 80's/90's

    I'm not really 100% sure about this but from what little I remember I don't think it was anything like Busmans Holiday.
  2. Business Computer Game Programme BBC2 Sunday Night 80's/90's

    I wonder if somebody here can help me out with this programme that's been bugging me now for a while.

    There was a business computer game programme on BBC2 on Sunday nights before The Money...
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    RIP Terrance Dicks

    The great Terrance Dicks who is best known for his work in Doctor Who has died at the ripe old age of 84. He was Assistant Script Editor of the programme from 1968-70 before going on to be the main...
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    Re: Paul Darrow RIP

    I was gutted when I heard about his death. That'll be it I think for the new Big Audio Blake's 7 adventures with his passing even though there will be 2 posthumous releases with Darrow appearing as...
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    Re: Play Your Cards Right

    I really enjoyed Play Your Cards Right with Brucey but the question about was this show the start of my weekend during the mid 80's on Friday evenings the answer would be no as Wogan was always on...
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    Re: Really obscure reference!

    Could be Will Quack Quack who had a turkey friend that said "gobble gobble" quite a lot?
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    Re: Mrs Browns Boys

    I cannot stand Mrs Browns' Boys and I find it hard to believe it's been voted the best comedy of the 21st Century so far. Can't think why as it's so pathetic.
  8. Re: Television programmes that were suspended or postponed

    I know Hardwicke House has been mentioned in this thread after it was pulled off the air after 2 episodes because of so much negative reaction but did you know that you can now see the remaining 5...
  9. Thread: Corner shops.

    by akb48fan

    Re: Corner shops.

    There used to be a small corner shop not 3 mins down the road by bike from my old house. It used to be the place where all the local characters used to come in for a chat and gossip with the kindly...
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    Re: Water cuts/Power cuts

    As a young lad growing up in the 70's I used to feel excited when the power cuts happened. I loved to see my father light up some candles on the mantelpiece. Going outside to the street and seeing it...
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    Re: Woolworths virtual Museum

    My local Woolworths building was sadly demolished last week to make way for a new hotel. Felt a bit sad about that as I loved Woolworths and my mum used to work in one for years. The sign was still...
  12. Thread: Gus Honeybun

    by akb48fan

    Re: Gus Honeybun

    Viewers in Wales didn't get to see Gus Honeybun but in 2005 I managed to get a fantastic old VHS tape for 25 (expensive I know) from somebody on Ebay full of Westward/TSW ads, continuity and stuff...
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    Re: Video v DVD - making the transition

    The one thing I've liked with everybody moving from VHS to DVD is so many people are selling their used tapes as blanks on Ebay. Years ago I bought a load of used Scotch tapes from Ebay to see if...
  14. Re: Weird Review Of The Year - BBC2 90's Short Docu

    If it was back in 1994 it must have been shown during the 1st season of the X-Files. I was hoping at the time that the Fortean Review Of The Year documentary was going to be a regular occurrence over...
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    Re: Go Bots vs Transformers

    I didn't mind the Gobots cartoon at all although Transformers was superior in every way. The same with the toy range. Tonka who made the Gobots toys made a bold statement that they would probably win...
  16. Re: Weird Review Of The Year - BBC2 90's Short Docu

    Brilliant staffslad, this is indeed the programme I was looking for. Thanks a lot for helping me out.
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    Re: Fox, They of "Only You Can"

    Only discovered Fox when I was watching an old TOTP from 1976 recently and saw them performing S-s-single Bed with the Australian lead singer Nooshka looking like a superhero with her cape!
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    Re: quatro fizzy drink

    Tried Quatro once and wasn't that keen on the taste. I don't think it was sold in many places around my area. It was cheaper and easier to buy the Panda Pops bottle drinks from the local corner shop....
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    Re: Radio comedy shows

    The Mary Whitehouse Experience on Radio 1 was quite amusing.
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    Re: What CD Have you been listening to in the car

    Steptoe & Son - The Radio Episodes
  21. Re: Weird Review Of The Year - BBC2 90's Short Docu

    Thanks for the link Gothic but this wasn't on BBC2 even though it has Tom Conti as the narrator. The documentary I'm looking for dealt with strange and weird events all over the world and not just...
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    Re: Get some in 1975 comedy

    I have a vague memory of going to Blackpool (possibly Winter Gardens?) to see Get Some In on the stage in the 70's. I must have a look in my parent's place to see if the programme for the show is...
  23. Weird Review Of The Year - BBC2 90's Short Docu

    Before or after The X-Files on BBC2 sometime in the 90's, there was a short documentary in 2 parts (10 mins each if I remember) about weird events that had happened in the world over 12 months. I'm...
  24. Re: RIP Geoffrey Hayes (the excellent presenter of Rainbow)

    Really gutted that Geoffrey has passed away and I agree with George 1978 that a big part of my childhood has now sadly gone. RIP.
  25. Thread: Beasts

    by akb48fan

    Re: Beasts

    I bought the DVD a couple of months ago as I like Nigel Kneale as a writer. The best one of the lot has to be Barty's Party. I found it to be nerve wracking as you realise that the couple are trapped...
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