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  1. Re: Can anyone please identify this story?

    Not one of the Twisted Endings books by Timothy McLendon, is it? Asking this all around, even on three horror forums, and not one person knows, although someone said that the author of Dark Carousel,...
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    Was this an episode of Dead Like Me?

    "One episode sees an untalented stand-up comedian literally die on stage by inexplicably exploding after one of his bad jokes."

    Found this on the TV tropes page for Dead Like Me (the TV series), a...
  3. Can anyone please identify this story?

    I read this book on my Kindle few years back, I think the story must have been published in 2013-2017, it is horror, science fiction, or perhaps a bit of both (mostly horror). I do not know if it is...
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    Re: What were these cartoons?

    I still do not know #1, but #2 is solved. Thanks.
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    What were these cartoons?

    I saw these cartoons in the US, one is a short, one is a show. The short is #2 here, the show is #1. Both for kids.

    #1: talking cars (no not Cars), animation similar to Blaze and the Monster...
  6. Re: two horror films/shows I am searching for

    Re-watching the scene from Halloween, it is nothing like I remember it to be, so I am thinking it is from something different. It could be from Beetle Juice. I remember the room being pitch dark, no...
  7. Re: two horror films/shows I am searching for

    Thank you, but the Count Yorga scene is not what I am looking for. I distinctly remember a scene with a woman cooking something in her kitchen, and after opening her refrigerator, she finds a can of...
  8. Re: two horror films/shows I am searching for

    Those are not the films I am looking for, but thanks.

    The first one had a modern setting, but was a film from the mid 80s, though I saw it on TV in the early 90s. I think during a Halloween...
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    Re: children book with talking trees

    I also think this was a book about recycling. One of the pages short of looked like this picture with a girl talking to a tree (from "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" by Mercer Mayer),
  10. Greek Cuisine Dutch TV commercial (anyone seen this?)

    Someone mentioned to me a TV commercial they saw in the 00s. It was a TV Dutch commercial about Greek cuisine. In the commercial, a woman is preparing a meal for her family. Her son tries to eat a...
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    children book with talking trees

    I read this in 1990, and this is all I can remember. This book was not that big, had thick papers (thick like the pages from most song books, not think like easy to rip paper), and had a greenish...
  12. two horror films/shows I am searching for

    Saw these on TV, both live action, both shot in color, don't know whether they are shows or films, and these are the only scenes I can remember. (Both I think are night shots)

    1) One film featured...
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    one-off British TV play

    Someone mentioned on a forum, sometime in 2008, that many years ago there was a one-off British TV play, not played for laughs, about an erratic and hyperactive mother who embarrasses her son so much...
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