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    Re: Young Talent Time (1971-88 original)

    Did not know about Johnny Young... I grew up in Australia in the 70s before moving back to the UK in 76. Used to be my favourite show along with Skippy. I've still got one of their albums somewhere....
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    Re: Videoplus+ handsets and codes

    I used to have a Panasonic with videoplus+ , It also came with a plastic booklet with barcodes on so you could program it manually. This was obviously not quite as quick or convenient as scanning the...
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    Re: Whistle down the wind

    The book the film was based on was used as inspiration for Andrew Lloyd Webbers Musical version from the 90s.
    That's where the song was from. The musical was set in America's deep South so out went...
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    Re: Supermarkets

    I remember Fine Fayre being the first supermarket in my local area closely followed by Asda. Plenty have come and gone since.. Presto's, Lipton's, Kwik Save.

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  5. Re: S and H or The Pros

    I also loved both. I've got to say though that Starskey and hutch actually started out quite gritty but after a couple of series it became much lighter. Loved my professionals toy set I had as a kid....
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    Re: Don Amott - King of Caravans

    In the Granada area on the late 70s, early 80s a very simple car sales advert but the jingle has stuck with me ever since. It was basically " B.O.C. better people to buy from"

    Couldn't get much...
  7. Re: Your Favourite Only Fools and Horses sayings

    Bonet de douche..... Del Boy's French was legendary... As everyone knows, this is actually french for shower cap as seen in most hotels... Del Boy used it many times but obviously never in the...
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    Re: The Britpop Bandwagon

    great era of music... Other bands that spring to mind that I don't think have been mentioned are The Seahorses with Johnny Marr on guitar. And The Eels..
    Britpop for me was more about the sound......
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    Re: What was your first mobile phone?

    Sony cm333 I think was it's model number although it was commonly called the Sony Mars Bar... Think it was about 1993/1994 and I was the first of my circle of friends to have a mobile phone. I got...
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    Re: The champions

    I remember William Gaunt being in plenty of television shows. I vaguely recall a sitcom with a young Martin Clunes as his son... In pretty sure he was in one of the soaps for a while.

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  11. Re: Sinclair Radios, TV & other pre-computer products

    I was a tv engineer in the late 80s and bought a couple of these as non runners. Got one working but it was a pain trying to get a decent signal.and by the time you did the batteries had run...
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    Re: quatro fizzy drink

    I loved Quatro. Would have been early to mid 80s...
    Mountain Dew was a few years later... Tab clear also knocked about a bit in the 80s. Top deck... Was that the lager and lime one????

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    Re: What’s on TV at this point in 1977

    Summer holiday viewing for me in 1977would not have been complete without Elvis and Cliff films in the mornings. I came back from Australia in October 76, and remember being hooked on Elvis after...
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    Re: The Monkees

    I grew up on Monkees repeats in the 70s and 80s...
    My mum and dad had a 60s boxed set of vinyls(mail order) that came with a Monkees LP as a free gift. It lived in my room for years. Think I...
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    Grunhalle Lager

    Would love to find the advert from the late 70s for Grunhalle... Watched loads of advert compilations but this never comes up..
    Had a catchy tune to it. Something like...
    Do be do be Grunhalle,...
  16. Re: "Sore throat! Sooore throat!" Please tell me I didn't imagine this!

    Definitely rings a bell... Tunes springs to mind. Will have to do a search...

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    Re: Electric Light Orchestra

    Excellent band.
    One of my favourite songs of all artists is their "Telephone Line"
    Guilty pleasure is " Diary of Horace Wimp"

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    Re: Six Million Dollar Man

    Loved mine. You could roll the skin of his arm up and see his bionics. Didn't it come with a crystal radio as well?

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  19. Re: Films that were on TV a lot as a child, but you have never seen since.

    Used to love the Elvis and Cliff Richard films. Always used to be on in summer holidays in the 70's.
    I also remember the Christmas Martian from the 1st post. Loved weird freaky foreign Christmas...
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    Re: Bad executive cars of the past

    Austin Princess. My dad had one 2nd hand. Often maligned but my dad thought it was the bees knees. One of my first...
  21. Re: whats was the name of those sweets in the 1970

    Definitely iced gems. Remember them well. I was always a bit disappointed if my mum bought these instead of sweets.

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    Re: Your First DVD/ VHS Tape/film ?

    Got 2 pirated copies on the same day. 1 was Blade Runner and the other was Boys in Blue with Canon and Ball. Must have been early 80s. Quality was pretty bobbins as I recall but was still really...
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    Re: Spin off shows that worked .... or didn't

    A few more that haven't been mentioned. Lewis and Endeavour are both spin offs from Morse
    The Royal from Heartbeat.
    Ashes to ashes from Life on Mars. All pretty successful and certainly didn't...
  24. Re: Lads home customised bikes of the 1970,s

    Ha. This thread made me laugh.
    I too grew up on a council estate and never had a new bike. Mine were always "rescued" bikes my dad "aquired "
    Late 70's I remember getting " cow horns" on my bike....
  25. Re: Less common vintage 8 and 16 bit computers

    Think my dad bought it because it was cheap and a bit different. Sure it was £100. I do remember the Aquarius came with an excellent manual though. I remember typing in basic code for hours and being...
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