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Thread: AudiSee book & tape adventures

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    Quote Originally Posted by theperkinsfamily View Post
    Hi All!

    I have 5 of the 6 books, including:

    Voyage to the Center of the Earth
    The Lost Ones
    The Time Machine
    The War of the Worlds
    The Star Prince

    Does anyone have any clue what they go for without the cassette? Thanks for any info.
    No idea mate. I'd give you 20 for scans of them all.

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    Been searching online for the Voyage to the Center of the Earth audiobook for ages, happened upon this site today and pleased there are others (like me) who remember it!

    If anyone can supply me with an MP3 of this I'd be eternally grateful, happy to give a little paypal for your trouble.

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    Default Re: AudiSee book & tape adventures

    Like a few quite people on here I've been looking for MP3s of these - any of them - for years and only just stumbled upon this great site!
    I had about 5 or these that my mom picked up on a weekly basis ('Bewise' as I remember an 80's thrift store) for my little brother and my pocket money!
    Purely for nostalgic value I'd love to hear any of them again can anyone point me to an MP3??.

    Whenever my brother and I get together - not as often as it should be (we're both now in our 40s or there about's) it's not long before talk get round to 'Hello my name is Aletheo Balthaszar' (or whatever the intro to one of the cassettes used to say!!??), or talking about Meena in the time machine some other magic blue cassette moment!!
    As these things often do our cassettes 'got lost' after we both left home.
    Would really appreciate any help in finding even a small snippet of one of these as an MP3/Wav. It'd make two middle aged men very happy!! Cheers

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    Hi - did you ever manage to find any of these on MP3? Like you I'd love to hear them again!

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    Hey there amormigato!
    I saw you have The Lost Ones Audisee tape from this thread! I have been hunting for it and wondered if you'd sell it? Or be willing to make a copy? It was something I used to listen to with my father when I was young, and we really enjoyed it together. He just passed away not too long ago, and its been on my mind to try to get a copy to listen to it again after all these years. Please let me know. That would be so awesome! Thanks! - Justin

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    Wow, I am REALLY looking for The Lost Ones TAPE/MP3 OR CD!!! Anyone have it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NostalgiaGuy View Post
    Does anyone else remember these? They came out in 1978 originally, but didn't appear in Britain until 1981.

    What you got was an audio cassette with a half-hour drama on it (15 mins each side), usually based very loosely on a popular sci-fi novel, with an accompanying illustrated booklet. However, these were a bit different to the other read-along book and tape sets that were around at the time; each page had only one large painting on it, along with a line of dialogue rather than full story text, and a 'computer tone' on the tape signalled when it was time to turn the page. The idea was for you to animate the story in your mind as it unfolded on tape. I loved them, as they certainly fired my eight-year-old imagination.

    I think there were only 6 in the series. Me and a couple of my friends collected all of them. The titles were:

    The War Of The Worlds
    The Time Machine
    The Rebels Of Empiria
    The Star Prince
    Voyage To The Center (sic) Of The Earth
    The Lost Ones

    They were around for only about six months and then completely disappeared from stores. I remember hoping at the time that they would make more of them. Occasionally the odd one turns up on Amazon or ebay.

    Attachment 3076Attachment 3077Attachment 3078
    Wow ! Guys, I can't believe I've not come across this post before - and that it has been going since 2011. I haven't read all the posts, I'm too excited to share my experiences first.

    First things first - the reason I stumbled upon this forum is because I just googled "Audisee" in preparation for a tattoo I want to get - with the main theme being "The Star Prince " the only title in the series I owned. It was a Christmas / birthday present I received when I was a child. I lost the book decades ago, but always had the cassette tape, and my father kindly turned it into an MP3 a couple of years back. (email me if you want a copy > copyright will have expired I expect. More on this later)

    After getting an MP3 version from my father I decided to google some more, and eventually found a book store in the USA which had a sealed book and cassette, original !) I think it cost me around 40 to 50 but it's the best money I have ever spent. It still has the original price sticker from whichever shop sold it over there - $4.99 ! Thanks to Amazon where I found it, the listing included the names of the actors who made the tape. Wasn't expecting that much detail to be honest. Anyway, I then googled some of the actors names, and came across one in particular - the man who played " Wark " - you will know this character very well if you remember the Star Prince. I managed to contact the man behind Wark, he is alive and well, based in Salt Lake City, which happens to be where the Audisee tapes were recorded. His name is Duff Clawson. He works in advertising / media today, and knew a lot about the others involved in the Audisee tapes. He had forgotten making the Star Prince (it was back in the seventies !) but obviously kept in touch with the other actors, through other work. Sadly when I got in touch with Duff, I found out that the Star Prince - Brand had died in real life, I think in a paragliding accident some years ago. What was of further interest is that the Star Prince's father is still alive (last time I checked). His name is Ken Samson, and he has played the voice of "Eeyore" in the Walt Disney Winnie The Pooh movies" He's in his 90's.

    Although his name was mentioned in the Amazon listing, I found Duff Clawson thanks to the aid of another stranger - who was tied to another company called Audisee - through his Facebook page. I cant remember what direction he sent me in, but it was obviously the right one !

    I sent an MP3 file of The Star Prince to Duff, and I know he appreciated hearing it after all these decades.

    If I can work out how to post a photograph, later I will upload a photo of the original box, tape and book all still sealed (just about - the glue is becoming frail)

    I can't tell you what a pleasant surprise it is to see others enquiring about these particular story tapes. Hundreds were made back in the 70's and 80's - I had the A team and He-Man too , but this is the only one that resonates from my childhood.

    And that takes me back to present day 2013. I want to get a Star Prince tattoo for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I can still listen to it today and it takes me straight back to my happy childhood, and my bedroom as if I'm right there, whilst listening to the story that was the Star Prince. In an age where innocence was all I knew. The tattoo will do the same thing.

    Finally, to sign off (god I hope someone appreciates reading this one day - I'm still impressed someone posted here last December considering how old the original post is) I remember listening to more in the series - The Time Machine for example - my cousin had them and we swapped from time to time. I am on the look out too for others in the series !

    My email address is please feel free to contact me for a copy of The Star Prince, a 30 minute tale that has stuck with me for more than 30 years

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    sorry correction for anyone who wants to contact me - its

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    A quick search on Amazon brings up the same retailer I bought the Star Prince from a couple of years ago. Clearly know the value if these things to some people (such as I ) as it's an original , still sealed and going for $100 !

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    Quote Originally Posted by snazzypants72 View Post
    Wow, I am REALLY looking for The Lost Ones TAPE/MP3 OR CD!!! Anyone have it?
    I do!

    My parents have been emptying their loft and hence I thought about Googling Audisee and landed here. I can confirm I still have all six books but only five tapes (inc. The Lost Ones and I reckon the sixth is hiding in another box).

    I too have very fond memories of these and enjoyed reading Cowboydom's story

    I can't turn around scans / mp3 quickly and would like to double check the copyright situation before attempting anything, so for now really just wanted to say hi and let you know a full set (probably) exists here.

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