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Thread: R.I.P Mike Starr

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    Default R.I.P Mike Starr

    Alice In Chains guitarist Mike Starr has been found dead at his home in Salt Lake City.

    Starr, who was 44, played with the American rock band from its formation in 1987 until 1993, performing on multi-platinum albums 'Facelift' and 'Dirt', which spawned hit songs like 'Man In the Box', 'Would?' and 'Rooster'.

    The guitarist, who led a life marred by drug addiction, left the group in the early 90s due to his struggle with heroin addiction, and he appeared on the third season of VH1s 'Celebrity Rehab' in 2010.

    He was arrested last month for illegal possession of prescription drugs.

    The cause of death was not immediately known.
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    Default Re: R.I.P Mike Starr

    very sad indeed.
    only 44 not old by any means.

    its a fair bet drugs had to do ith his cause of death.

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