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    Crisps or corn snacks created by KP (Kenyon Produce) [a division of McVitie's and Jacob's; all three a division of United Biscuits] that resemble seashells and melt on the tongue. Skips were first launched in 1974 under the description of Shrimp cocktail flavour but this was not persuading enough, so the name was changed.The classic flavour that has been available the longest are Prawn Cocktail (yellow bag); three exotic flavours were available in the early 90s - Hot from Rio Chili (orange bag), Caribbean Spice Curry (teal blue bag) and Chinese Spare Rib (purple bag) but these three flavours have unfortunately been discontinued some time ago. They are still a big seller to date and come in range of other flavours.


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    these are just lovely.

    never realised there where other flavours 3 exotic flavours athough they are long gone.

    cant believe i never saw those other flavours back in the nineties being sold in shops.

    and real good to see the prawn cocktail ones have never changed in terms of taste,how they look and the name skips.

    must have been around a very short time.

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