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Thread: Griddles and Good 'n Crunchy crisps

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    Hi guys!!

    You have totally made my night by seeing 'Smiths Horror Bags' again..i felt about 9 years old!!! Great!!! Thanks so much..sometimes I hate being 38...

    all the best...

    Rab ;0)

    Still smiling!!!

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    Horror bags were kool, think someone should remake, start selling older crisps, for us young, child like at heart people like sweets and chocolate too, theres a market for those, and stirs up the memories too.

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    Default Oh Yes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Daz

    Loved them..I had a Claws Horror plastic!
    Fangs for the Memory!
    Mrs Oggy
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    And your enemies on the fingers of one foot!

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