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Thread: 70's holiday camp (?) fly-on-the-wall?

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    Default 70's holiday camp (?) fly-on-the-wall?

    I've been hunting for ages for a clip I think(!) I saw on one of those Channel 4 'top 100' programmes. Filmed in the 70's, it was of a twenty-something chap who worked at a Butlins style camp, and he was wandering around the pool not doing his job, but basically chatting up young girls). It was totally cringeworthy but interesting too see just how much our moral standards have changed. I remember him telling them "he was going to the disco tonight", and would he "see them later". It think it was on the 'top 100' thing as a laughable example of how what we do show on TV has changed massively.

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    MMMMMMM could it be the film Confessions From A Holiday Camp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magigreen View Post
    MMMMMMM could it be the film Confessions From A Holiday Camp?
    I was thinking that as well.
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    Don't think it was Confessions as OP said it was a documentary. Maybe it was from a documentary series Wakey Wakey campers, aired on Channel 5 in 2005, archived thread here from Butlins Memories
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