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Thread: I'll Risk it for a Swisskit

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    Default I'll Risk it for a Swisskit

    Anyone else remember that Ad?

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    LOL I vaguely remember it. If you google it a lot of other people seem to do as well as it is on a few message boards!

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    Bizarrely enough, it's still a phrase I use with old school mates now (some 26 years after we left !!)

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    foxyminx Guest


    Me too! I still say that at appropriate moments in life & no-one knows what the heck I`m on about! lol

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    Yep it was a classic ad at the time along with the R Whites lemonade secret lemonade drinker one.

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    Ah yes! Swisskit! Wasn't that the first ever muesli bar? My vague memory recalls my Dad bringing a box of them home from Southampton, and us kids being allowed one as a special treat on Friday evening if we had been good all week. I am not 100% sure, but I have a feeling that it was either made or distributed by Sharps, the people who did the Extra Strong Mints. I could be wrong on that point.

    And yes, I too, still use the phrase 'risk it for a Swisskit'. Quality.



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    Default Re: I'll Risk it for a Swiskit

    At long last..the only pic so far

    The Swisskit!

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    Default Re: I'll Risk it for a Swiskit

    A Swisskit for 4p? What a bargain! I remember my mum putting one of these in my packed lunch almost everyday for school. I think she thought that it was good for me! Still not a patch on a nice big wagon wheel though!

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