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Thread: First Video recorder?

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    It was Video 2000 that had double sided tapes.

    Betamax suffered in the long run from having a shorer recording time due to the tape size being smaller, along with Sony not licencing the technology as well as JVC did with VHS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard1978 View Post
    It was Video 2000 that had double sided tapes.
    Thought so - I assume that very few companies dealt with them. Grundig was one that sprung to mind.
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    It would definitley be a VHS no dounts at all on that level/score ..... but which/what Model/Make , I'm unsure what kind - though it sure was like a slim (for the late 80s) modern-oish Grey thing - circa 1986 to 1988 - but my Mum's partner of Today - used to own Beatamaxes for years before VHS won through and even owned them until the mid to early 90s - circa 93/94 - if though we'd known how Popular Car Boots would be - he could easily of bought tons of Tapes no doubts I am unsure and just carried on taping like people choose to do (like me) with VHS in gavour of DVD or another friend who for years used a tape every Sunday Night for "Sounds of the Sixties"!!


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