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    Anyone from the Midlands may remember Derann in Dudley. They sold Super 8mm films and later video films. My first pre-recorded was Soldier Blue from them on beta in 1980 and it cost 29.99. I am not from anywhere near Dudley, but that was the closest place that sold pre-recorded films.

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    My saddo offering is the ENTIRE coverage of the 1991 Cup Final from the Beeb. I pretended it was for my son, who would have been little more than a baby then, to see Spurs actually winning something in his lifetime. Sadly, I wasn't far wrong either. I swear it's a three hour tape.

    I still have the complete set of Blake's 7 videos from the 90's, all 26 of 'em. Worth nowt of course but they were great to collect along with Star Trek Voyager tapes.

    Lastly, does anyone still say 'can you tape that' when you record something to watch later on your tivo box or whatever ?

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