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    One of the most famous presenters of 'Playschool' throughout the 1970s, as well as it's weekend spin-off 'Play Away'. Chloe was a perky, extrovert Kate Bush character with a beautiful long mane of raven hair and a slight touch of the hippie about her- very much a '70s British actress. She also appeared in an episode of 'Dr.Who' back in '65; I think it was 'Genesis Of The Daleks' in which she played a physicist. Unlike most of the 'Playschool' crew, it's almost impossible to find out on the internet what Chloe is doing nowadays. Does anybody else know?


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    I really liked Chloe Ashcroft and remember her well from Playschool and Play Away. The dalek story she was in was Resurrection of the Daleks, a Peter Davison story, (early 80s). I'm on the case to find out more about her

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