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Thread: DYR these games from the 80s

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    Default DYR these games from the 80s

    I used to love playing these games - my 4 favourite from childhood...

    Hotel (like monopoly but just much more fun - you cant beat proper hotels rather than rubbish little red things)

    Poleconomy (quite complicated game but very very good)

    Scotland Yard
    Great game - being MrX whilst other players as detectives had to try and catch you - using the bus/taxi/underground tickets.

    My favourite though - and one that could last hours on a saturday was
    We had all the expansion sets, City, Dungeon, Timescape - and with 6 people playing it could take a long, long time to finish the game...but never got bored.

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    Default Re: DYR these games from the 80s

    Only ever played Talisman.
    Don't know why Games Workshop stopped selling RPG games other than War hammer and board games. Still there's some good models on display.

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