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Thread: BBC Regional Opt-outs

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    Default BBC Regional Opt-outs

    Does anyone remember when the BBC seemed to have a lot of announcements ending with "that's except for viewers in (one of the home nations)"?

    These seemed to be faily common until the late 1990s.

    Even CBBC used to do this in the Broom Cupboard days.

    Even in England there seemed to be regional opt-outs until farily recently.

    I remember wanting to see Star Trek on BBC 2 one sunday morning only to find it was replaced by Rugby League highlights.
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    Default Re: BBC Regional Opt-outs

    Do they not do that anymore then?
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    Default Re: BBC Regional Opt-outs

    I remember in the late 70s / early 80s BBC1 West used to show a regional programme RPM (Rectangular Picture Machine) presented by Andy Batten-Foster at around 6:50pm on a Monday evening. Other regions had something different.
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