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Thread: Favourite Past TV shows

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    Yes sorry i meant The girl from tomorrow, she was called aalana can't spell her name was good fun and from Australia!!

    other Fav shows:

    Round the bend with the crocodile and mice one a reporter!!
    johnny briggs
    Pink Panther
    Fraggle Rock
    Gentle Ben(1960's USA)
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    There are so many you could get from the '80s. I've got boxsets of 'The Professionals', 'Minder', 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet', 'Big Deal' - these are all great reminders of what everyday life was like in the early '80s (except perhaps 'The Professionals' - which was more escapist, unless your life consisted of shooting people, diving through windows, and handbrake turning Ford Capris).

    Most kids stuff from back then is also available. I've got a few of those myself.
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    thanks, i had forgotten the details of that show! feels like a long time ago now!!!

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