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Thread: Snake belts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daz View Post
    yep,and what about V.D belts?? (vertical danglers)

    Those were the ones where you had the end dangling about a foot down your leg? There were red, pink & yellow ones and the had shiney metal at the end of the 'dangly' bit?

    If it's the same thing they were called 'funky belts' here.
    I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!

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    Thats the one!! same as ones worn today (I'm wearing one now),but they are called webbing belts now and they are not so long in the dangly bit.

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    snake belts great for holding up your "Sea Dog" jeans. A pair of these and you thought you were the dogs VD's
    The eyes have it!

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    i hated my snake belt, so much so, I've bought my daughter one (she's 4), just to keep the cycle going. I also had a dangly belt, but for some reason our school went through a phase of plaiting string together, dying it with food colouring and wearing that!... and yep the colouring did run in the rain!

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    Default Snake belts?

    This is probably going to sound a little stupid, but I saw an old photo of me and my sister back in the late 70s and it made me think of these. My sister worked as administrator for a while at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, and had a pager and various bits of nurses uniform she was supposed to wear (but not the whole thing, as she wasn't qualified.

    So in this photo, she's wearing one of these:

    Which every nurse wore back then, and I was wearing one of these:

    Which every boy wore back then. Anyone else have any fond or horrific memories of the kinds of belts they wore back in the day?
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    snake belts lol ! Every boy had one in the 70's! Mine was very similar (if not identical) to the one in his hand on the photo



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    Wow yes! I remember that striped design and the look of the material very well. My brother and I had slightly different coloured ones.

    I want one again!

    No really. I do!

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    I bought one a few week ago for grandson and they have changed since the days - the snake is still the same but there was no length adjustor on it!
    This means you only get the little bit of elasticity for adjustments and therefore you gotta buy new ones every time they grow a waist size
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    Default Snake Buckle Elastic Belts

    I've done a quick search and nothing comes up so I thought I'd post a new thread.
    Anyone remember the snake clasp/buckle elastic belts that used to be all the go.
    I've not seen any in years. The buckles were in silver and gold (not real, just coloured) with a (mostly stripey) elastic belt about an inch or so in width.

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    My brother had one in the early 1980s, & I can remember a few boys at school also having them.
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