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    I often thought that Granada's science programmes shown on the ITV Schools service such as Experiment and Chemistry in Action were partly influenced by the Open University.

    I suppose that the closest we have to a "university of the air" these days is Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge - also a Granada programme.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    There is no such thing as off peak now, everything, most time slots are important, years ago you had progs for schools in the mornings and afternoons on both bbc and itv, then schools were iirc moved to C4 , then no more schools progs on the main channels, both networks had weekend adult educational in the mornings.
    I suppose the only graveyard shifts now are the gambling slot from midnight till 2.00am and the nightscreen/teleshopping slots, always surprised we have tried and never succeeded in creating a 11.30pm till 1.00am late night chat show that has been so successful in America for many years, competition is fierce for the late night audience.
    Times change, years ago we would turn on the radio first thing in the mornings now its the tv, unheard of back then and the set wouldnt have been turned on till at least 5.00pm.

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