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Thread: The past will be BACK this Christmas!

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    December is one of the most nostalgic months there is, if for not other reason than it's the month of Christmas. Without fail there will be a nostalgia-festival with old James Bond films, retro classics like Mary Poppins or E.T. on, not to mention Morecambe and Wise and then there's the classic music like Slade's "It's Christmas!" and The Wizzards "I wish it could be Christmas every day"!

    Well December 2011 is even more retro-themed than usual, as it happens, with a whole host of nostalgic film releases.

    First and foremost has to be the fact that Margaret Thatcher of the 1980's is going to be brought back alive - spectacularly - by Meryl Streep. The clips of the biopic film "The Iron Lady" that we've seen so far, have been eery in their accuracy! Meryl looks (and sounds!) just like Margaret Thatcher on the 1980's. The film is also a trip back in time to that turbulent era of strikes, low employment, and social chaos (issues that have been with us a fair bit in 2011, in fact.)

    Then there's the return of 1970's cartoon stalwarts "The Chipmunks", who's film franchise continues unabated and "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked" sees them and their hapless owner (Jason Lee) Shipwrecked. Expect more high pitched singing and hi-jinx, just like the 1983-1990 cartoon, only in this time in optional 3D!

    Not yet had enough? Well how about the remake of classic 1979 spy drama "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"? Where Gary Oldman takes Alec Guinness' role, as the put upon spymaster chief "Smiley". It's a classic tale and well worth a modern re-telling. Also 1970's TV series "Mission impossible" returns with it's high-octane Tom Cruisey-ness, more gadgets and explosions than you can shake a stick at! And then there's "Tintin" (who had a big part in my 1980's childhood though the comics). This film comes to the big screen as a massive 3D animation featuring the voice of Daniel Craig among others.

    So all in all it looks like there's a lot to remember, this upcoming December! Enjoy it, though don't get so drunk on the past that you forget to buy friends and family presents!Subscribe in a reader


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    Hmm it sure look's an interesting film (as Meryl Streep is one of my favourite acterss') probably she is only 2nd to Julia Roberts for me. Sadly though, no way can I watch and stummock a film about Maggie after everything she did to these shores and remembering how she wrecked everything that was semi-good about being an 80s/90s kid. It still seems a good film, no doubts, but I can not bring myself to watch it sadly. Full credit though must go to Meryl as i've heard rave revues about in this and all her other films have been great from what i've heard - espcialy her performance in "Out Of Africa" - that was supreme too.

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