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Thread: For any Deep Purple , Rainbow or Whitesnake fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by the-peoples-poet View Post
    How fabulous! Medieval Richie is OK, just a bit bonkers. I remember seeing an interview on the telly with him for some documentary years and years ago and he actually said - and I will never forget this - that he was 'happy to just stay down at the bottom of his garden talking to the fairies'. His wife was just as mad as he was.
    The sooner Ritchie stops kidding on he is Blackadder 2, the better and gets back to being a kick *** guitarist

    As for Ian Gillan, in his time 70,80 and the early 90 one of the best singers in the world of rock. Im afraid time has not been kind to his voice. I appreciate that he is in his mid 60 so it is time to call it a day

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    I love Ian Gillan, a true British living legend. He could go on stage and sing passages from a telephone directory and I would still love it. Biased much?

    He said on BBC documentary Heavy Metal Britannia 'What I do is called screaming'. True that, sounds like he is having an orgasm on stage! It's incredibly sexy screaming.

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    I saw Rainbow, at the Rainbow theatre in london, I think it was called the "Between the Eyes" tour. They were using the big electric rainbow over the stage, looked fantastic, but caused a lot of trouble with the power it used. Later incarnations still have the rainbow, but it is not as animated as it was when I saw them. The rainbow was built by Bob See's See Factor company. I've been looking for some time for an online video of it in full action, but failed. See Factor could not help. Bob See died recently.

    I saw Whitesnake for the first time last year, they played a gig in Helsingør, Denmark.

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    RB's Rainbow are playing the 02 soon with, among others The Sweet supporting!
    Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas - go figure!

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    Deep Purple's latest (and probably final) studio album 'Infinite' is the first new vinyl I've bought in around a quarter of a century. It's classic DP material and, unlike some ageing front men, I think Gillan's voice sounds pretty damn good.
    i'd almost forgotten the sensual pleasure of opening a gate-fold 12" album sleeve and lowering a stylus onto vinyl!

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