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Thread: cod liver oil and maltine?

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    Default cod liver oil and maltine?

    Hi all,
    Just had a thought after reading the school milk thread about cod liver oil and a brownish rather gloopy syrup like substance which may of been maltine.I remember the cod liver oil for obvious reasons but the other stuff was always given directly after I assume as part treat part medication.This would of been in the early 70's,primary school.Anyone else remember this gloopy type syrup and if it was maltine or something else more stomach churning.I have wierd taste buds and remember quite liking the taste of it.

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    Default Re: cod liver oil and maltine?

    hmmm nope never had either of that, we were strictly a "warm Milk n Spew" school LOL
    Reckless Stu


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    My Mum used to give this to me at home, and I liked it! We were never given this at school though. ( I can smell the horrid school milk now, yeuch!) I wonder if the cod liver oil and malt in schools was a regional trend?

    And I knew it as cod liver oil and malt, it came in a large jar and if I am right came from the health shop, and had a blue and yellow scottish plaid style label on?

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